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16% CBD Extract B-1661 10g

Brand  The Botanicals

Cannabis sativa L. extractum spissum 16%

Our extracts are produced in a gentle cold-extraction process. This maintains the valuable and temperature-sensitive components of the plants.

Conventional plant extracts have a solvent content ranging from 30 to 60%. Our development team can offer plant extracts that hardly contain any solvent. They are up to 10 times more concentrated than "standard extracts". Thanks to their very gentle production process and their low volume, concentrates are far more environmentally friendly than conventional extracts. Last but not least, they are more cost-effective than comparable quantities of compounds from conventional extracts.

The CBD content of the concentrate amounts 16%. Thus, every gram of it includes 160mg of CBD with a THC level below 0.9%.

10 g
CHF 100.00

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