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Pear Hemp Smoothie

Pear Hemp Smoothie

This smoothie is more then 40% protein and is very high in omega fatty acids. It`s delicate sweet flavour from the ripe pears are a match made in heaven with the coconut water and hemp seeds. This smoothie also makes an awesome summer blended cocktail, just add your favourite rum or spirit.

● 1 cup coconut water 
● 1/2 cup Hemp Seeds 
● 1 teaspoon honey 
● 2 ripe pears peeled and cored 
● 1 teasspoon fresh ginger (optional) 

1. Place hulled hemp seeds in a small bowl. 
2. Place pears, honey, ginger (optional) and hemp mixture in a blender and blend until smooth for about 3-4 minutes. 
3. Pour serve, and enjoy. 

For a creamier texture, instead of coconut water, bring 1 cup filtered water to a boil and pour over hulled hemp seeds to soften. Cover and place in fridge for 30 minutes or until cold. Then blend together with remaining ingredients. 

Add ginger for extra bite.